Monday, January 30, 2012

Rose Star - English paper piecing

These are so much fun! I want to make 100. Although they take a long time, so maybe not 100. Maybe 10. But oh my gosh, so fun!

Tutorial here:

Flickr group here:

Christmas quilt

Two fabrics purchased from different online sellers. One from an independent seller and the other from a large online shop that touts oversize cuts. As you can see, the oversize cut is quite oversize! This was my first online fabric order and I was trying to find out if I would have a preference for one shop. Since then, I've learned that it's best to have several shops to choose from, because each has it's own "flavor." You might notice from the book on the left that I was doing some Farmer's Wife blocks! Christmas flavored.

They started out with owls and ended up a mish mash. I picked four for my final quilt.

The owls didn't make it :( I'll find something for them to do later.

And, not a quilt, but also Christmas related: a tree I made for a contest at work. It's made from recycled Beatrix Potter book pages. 

Second quilt

I think this was the second thing I made? Well, the second thing I finished, hehe. It was a going away gift for a coworker.

It's based on a tutorial that can be found here:

Obviously I didn't follow it very closely!